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Countdown to Y2 Round Seven Closes ~

Countdown ended
Thursday, April 23rd @ 12:59am

Force Majeure - [noun] ˌfɔːs maˈʒəː/

The Kalosian term for a 'Superior Force.' Or an 'Act of God', if you will. Both definitions are apt in this situation. Two Superior Forces have clashed in this instance. Have the Pawns managed to create their own Act of God to put the White King in check, or are they simply waiting for a Coup de Grâce?

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R7 Results and News

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 29, 2015, 2:47 AM
With G3's weather machines shut down through various modes of destruction, a wave of relief passed through all that heard the news. The Islands were not doomed just yet.

But the man responsible for this disaster was still at large. The battle is not yet over.

Who is going to step up and heed the call to shut Franz down once and for all??

Round 7 Results:


synodicmeg and Yuriakashu will be advancing to BFOI•Y2 Finals, representing every Challenger we've seen this year. They've worked extremely hard to come this far, and I hope all of you are as excited as we are to see them close the Y2 story and kick Franz's ass once and for all.

Everyone, please take a moment to applaud these four for their efforts, as naturally, the selection of the final two means that they did not make it to the Final Round. Know that we're all really proud of you for the efforts you made, the wonderful and interesting stories you told, and the engaging characters that made us cheer the entire lot of you on for.

That said, your stories aren't quite done yet either - Stay tuned for a final prompt to come in the R8 Journal, before getting off the Y2 ride and hopping on the Y3 bandwagon ~

Overall Group Crit R7/M3

Honestly? There's not a lot we can say other than just, "WOW."

You guys blew us out of the water here - In the time I've been watching and running OCTs, not once can I say I've seen such a great endgame turnout in any group. 100% sub rate in R7, and not only that, 100% sub rate in M3. And then on top of that, not one entry featured incomplete art. You all strived to present fully finished pieces and do us all proud.

Of course, that's not to say that there weren't aspects we couldn't crit, but as everyone was free to approach this round in their own way, everyone had different strengths and weaknesses. There was no common theme for us to deliver any decisive group crit about. So for those wondering what we ultimately picked on, you're welcome to request your scores/comments at any stage.

Group News & Status

:bulletblue: Round Eight

With the R7 results up, we are working on the lead up to the final round - It is sitting at 6 pages, and should be ample to explain the last remaining questions, such as Why'd he do it? and Where's Taz/Pink? The turnaround on R8 should be considerably shorter than R7, as we were able to draft/typeset about half the comic in advance of the R7 results, but as per the norm, not going to confirm/guarantee a set delivery date (time management woo! 8U).

As a bit of a bonus for delivering us such a great R7, I will also reveal the titles relating to R8 ~





Four titles?! What?!
That's right - The finalé does not just belong to the final two, but to everyone. It's going to be up to you to rise to the challenge, and make this the most spectacular ending anyone has seen.

We are looking forward to your submissions during R8 ~

:bulletblue: Year Three Challenge
As we draw closer to the Finalé of Y2, we also draw nearer to the opening of Y3.
In the R6 results journal, we told you of a number of updates happening to the operations of the group, and this time around, we'll explain a few more of the details and changes that are going to happen.

Overhaul Period
Once Y2 has closed, we'll be entering an Overhaul Period for the group. This will involve, but is not limited to, Gallery Cleanouts, References being Reorganised (either replaced or removed as needed), Front Page Layout Redo, Ranger Mechanics overhaul, Y3 App releases, and general OCT mechanics overhaul. The FAQ is already undergoing revisions, with Y3 having been added to the timeline for those who want to work with one of their preexisting characters.
It's going to be a construction-heavy time, with little-to-no relevance in the update order, which means it's going to be a somewhat messy time for those watching the group. We apologise in advance for the upcoming mess, and thank you for bearing with us through it.

-- To that end, we are open to receiving artwork/refs of particular areas/resources in the group, and will advertise for 'outsourced' ref, if anyone is keen on taking up on that and helping cut down the time between Y2 and Y3. If you are actually interested in doing some background arts and references for BFOI Y3, please send us a note titled 'Y3 Ref Offer', linking in a few landscapes you've done. We'll let you know if we have work we can give you, and we'll return the favour with a feature on the group frontpage, and subscriptions/DA Points where we can.
Any ref work done here will not bar you from taking part in Y3, but please understand that we are looking for styles and skill levels that will sit consistently with the rest of the group, so please don't take it personally if you're not selected for any work.

Y3 Applications
As mentioned in the R6 results journal, BFOI will be removing the NPC/Spectator Class, and using three specific classes; Trainer, Ranger and Student. But what does this mean for you?

As Admin, it means that we will be encouraging people to not just create characters, but to actually use them too, rather than being forgotten in a gallery.
For members, it means you're in a position to be artistically active on a more regular basis and have greater input on what happens in the group.

Three classes of entry means a max of three characters per person in the group total, but it also means there's a different story for each class, not just for the competitive Trainer side, and that the effort and outcome of each story will have an impact on the group in some way.

:bulletorange: Trainers: Highest degree of difficulty in regards to Tasks/Challenges. High-risk, but high-reward, the story here will have the largest impact on the group, and your relationship with your fellow competitors will be tested. Community will be important for Trainers in Y3 - Flying solo could make things difficult for you. We recommend this class for veteran OCT-goers, who are confident in their skills and wish to be challenged.

:bulletblue: Rangers: Medium degree of difficulty in regards to Tasks/Challenges. Rangers will continue their work from the previous year, but have access to exclusive zones and story arcs that Trainers and Students will not be allowed in. We recommend this class for more casual Artists, who want a challenge every now and again, but with less pressure than that of the Trainers.

:bulletgreen: Students: Lightest degree of difficulty in regards to Tasks/Challenges. Students are exactly what the title implies; here to learn in a friendly environment. The Art Challenges that featured during Y2 will return in Y3 as the Student tasks, with the aim of helping new artists grow more confident in not only their skills, but in the general group community as well. We recommend this class for both new and improving Artists alike, who enjoy the atmosphere of an OCT but not the pressure of the rounds.

We know a number of you also like to prep trainers and teams in advance, but we'll just say this first: Don't get your hearts set on anything concrete for Y3 until the Apps come out, otherwise you're probably going to be disappointed. Y3 is going to have certain entry restrictions that will likely wipe a number of preset teams and trainers out of the running in an instant.

Y3 Story
Ooooooh yes, I know a number of you are just itching for some hints and tells about what's coming. Well, we're not going to spoil anything big, but here's what we can tell you:

-- By Y3, Ohana has successfully banned all League Battles and formal Battle Challenges.
'W-wait?! What do you mean BANNED?! How will Y3 even work then?!'
There are loopholes in every system, my friend. What exploit makes Y3 possible however, you'll have to wait to find out.
-- Mega Evolutions have impacted the region in a big way. The new Prof's research is in conjunction with Prof Sycamore, and together, they've discovered numerous things about the Mega mode. This will enable all three classes to use/encounter Mega's at various stages of the Y3 events.
-- New Prof? 8D New Prof. You'll be introduced to Prof Dork very soon (and not quite in the way you expect either XD).
-- Y3's story will be on a whole other level compared to Y1-2. Expect the unexpected.

That's all for now on Y3, you'll have to wait until the closing of Y2 for more info!

:bulletblue: And In Closing ~

YOU GUYS, WTH?! How on earth did we end up with so many people on Taz/Dav ship!?!?!

We really had no idea that so many people were on board, and even more so, wanted to see it?! Just WHAAAAAATT?!

...I suppose we oughta' come clean.... :'D The character-ship is indicative of the irl one.

We'll give you a moment to squee here. Go ahead. :'D

So uh, yeah, tazsaints and Gleaming-Hope are in an actual proper relationship, serious enough to the point that Taz is in planning stages for a permanent migration to Canada to live with Hope. ...Why on earth are we sharing this though (especially this early? omg)? Well, I suppose it's because A) we're astounded by the support we keep getting from each person as they find out, and B) if it weren't for the BFOI and its members, we'dve never even met in the first place.
I guess this is a bit of a thank you for helping us turn the BFOI back into a place we love as much as we do each other. ....And I'm going to stop there before we get completely mushy and spammed with keyboard mash and squees, ahahhahaaaa..... |'D

Is this going to affect the group though? Well, not really. At least, not in any major negative way. It might be fiddly come moving time, but aside from that, we're here for the long haul, and don't plan to let this group die for as long as is feasibly possible. The internet and specifically, groups like this, can bring out the worst in people, but it can also create the most incredible encounters and friendships too. It's our hope that we can continue to grow Ohana into a place where we are not just the best group, but the best community around too. Ohana means family, after all ~ <3

And welp, with that, that's all the update from us, so in the meantime, happy arting, Ohana, and we'll see you in short order for the grand finalé ~

More Journal Entries


14 deviants said I am really proud of everyone who took part in R7/M3 --
8 deviants said 100% sub rate from ALL Trainers and Rangers involved --
7 deviants said So, THANK YOU, on behalf of the entire team. You guys are the ones making this group amazing.
6 deviants said Now sit back and relax for a short spell, as it's our turn again - R8 is on the way.
3 deviants said Seriously, as Admin, we're impressed, proud, ecstatic, excited and freaking out at the effort you all put forward --

Before You Comment~


[the FAQ]


ONLY if your question is not answered there, contact us!

Year Two Applications are now CLOSED, and will remain so until the end of the Contest. NPC Applications are however, open and will be accepted throughout the year (provided they meet QC Rules of course).

Questions that have an answer in the FAQ will be ignored.

Direct your Tumblr Links or XY friendcodes to this journal HERE:
Make sure to include your Trainer Application as well.

If you have a question that is not answered there, then Note the Group, as it is AGAINST Group Rules & Etiquette to hassle Admin on their personal accounts.


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I must say I'm very happy to see my development from when I entered the competition, and quite pleased to see how many people loved my story and kept asking me for more. I never expected to get this far in the contest. I'm pretty devastated, I really wanted to show everyone the rest of Keenan's story, and there were so many BIG things coming... but I got Sucker Punch'ed by destiny and have no means to finish my story now. Besides, I didn't want to submit a rushed and poor-quality work. It just wouldn't make justice to the character I've developed so far, that guy deserved more...

That being said, my most sincere thanks to all the people who supported me - your faves and your comments were the fuel which kept me moving, and you're all responsible for giving the world a (now) better artist. I had a great time, I met many awesome people, I drew alongside some of my idols from when I joined dA... I regret nothing XD

Good luck to all the other competitors, and I hope everyone will keep supporting me in all the projects I'm developing for the future! ^^
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