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Countdown to Y2 Round Six Closes ~

Countdown ended
Saturday, November 1st @ 3:59pm

After all that mess! Freedom at last!! Even the snow is a relief after those deathtraps! Let's get back to base to make sure our next move is a decisive one, and end this freezeover, once and for all!

The Nexus Upgrades Bar!

Current Tally: 683 points
Next Milestone: 1000 points

BFOI Y2 Extension Tickets - 1/3 Remaining



Newest Members


Ranger Monthly Tasks

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2015, 4:00 PM

Any ranger task submitted without an updated Ranger app (The stripe app) will be refused until the app is updated. Also, please note that we will only accept complete submissions. Sketches and line-art will be refused on the spot.

All tasks are rotated at midnight GMT at the end of each month! This is the deadline for tasks to be submitted each month, so don't be late!

All Ranger wishing to partake in Missions need to complete the three training splashes. Note that while it is obligatory for the missions, one can still do any task without the training. You can submit those splashes in the following folder :

:bulletgreen: S1 -  Arriving at your assigned Base (This can be meeting roomates, base leader, etc)

:bulletgreen: S2 -  Learning to use your Capture Styler, under the supervision of Daven or one of the six Ranger Leaders of Ohana. (Your leader will be giving you your new styler, so take good care of it! Here's the version you will be handed over.)

:bulletgreen: S3 - Bonding with your partner 'mon (Choose a 'mon that will be comfortable around your base! Aka, don't take a grass type to the firey Volcano Town base!)

S2 and S3 can now take place elsewhere than Mahalo Sanctuary.


Miscellaneous informations

Points required to rank up:

Rank 1 > Default
Rank 2 > 40
Rank 3 > 90
Rank 4 > 150
Rank 5 > 220
Rank 6 > 300
Rank 7 > ???

Rank Bonus

Rank 3 - Uniform alteration choice.
:bulletblack: Jacket
:bulletblue:   Long-sleeved Jacket
:bulletblue:   Short-sleeved Jacket
:bulletblack: Undershirt/Leggings
:bulletblue:   No alteration
:bulletblack: Pants
:bulletblue:   Basic Shorts
:bulletblue:   Baggy Shorts (Under Knee length)
:bulletblue:   Pants
:bulletblack: Shoes
:bulletblue:   Basic Shoes
:bulletblue:   Boots

All equipment allowed is shown on the Leaders Ref Sheet. Refer to their ref for what change is allowed on your equipment

Rank 4 - First Stage Evolution (This does not include the Single Stage evolution)

Rank 5 - Single Stage Evolution

Ranger upgrades costs
Whenever you are ready to make an upgrade, send us a group note titled "Ranger xxx Upgrade" where xxx is your ranger name. If approved, you'll receive a reply authorising your upgrades.

:bulletred: Max Assists
:bulletblue:   Lvl 2 = 75 points
:bulletblue:   Lvl 3 = 125 points
:bulletred: Multi-Capture
:bulletblue:   Lvl 1 = 60 points
:bulletblue:   Lvl 2 = 80 points
:bulletblue:   Lvl 3 = 100 points
:bulletred: Power Charge
:bulletblue:   Lvl 1 = 70 points
:bulletblue:   Lvl 2 = 90 points
:bulletred: Pokémon Limit
:bulletblue:   4 Pokémon = 30 points
:bulletblue:   5 Pokémon = 60 points
:bulletblue:   6 Pokémon = 90 points
:bulletblue:   7 Pokémon = 120 points
:bulletred: Evolution
:bulletblue:   Each stage cost 50 points. (Require the correct Rank to purchase)

The Bad News function : Each month, if there are too many tasks that were left unattended, there's a chance that it will get worse. Those tasks will keep getting worse each month if still left unattended and might even lead to irreversible damage to the island. Good luck and don't give up!

This month update see the Ranger App update to the Stripe App. As you'll see, some new features have been added to the app that can be unlocked by the Rangers. Because of this, we'll require Rangers to switch for the new app before the first of August. (That's a lot of time so make sure to do it!) For those of you wondering how this will work, it's simple.

The points you accumulate from doing tasks will allow you to buy upgrades for the styler and your ranger. Basically, it represents the experience you've acquired from working as a ranger. You won't lose your accumulated points from buying those. Each upgrades are explained in the new app accessible here. Upgrade prices are out.

Following on that, each mons present on Ohana has also been updated with their new Poké-Assist. As of such, you'll have to look in the FAQ under the Section 1.3 to find your partner assist and put it on their app. Each assists are explained here.

Finally, the Ohanan Rangers researchers have developped their own styler for use by the Ohana Rangers. You can now go and grab your own as soon as you get the chance. You can see the new styler here.

Now if any of you have ranger tasks left from last month, you can still submit it to the folder. They will still go towards the Nexus Bar points. So don't hesitate to finish your work!

As a new day dawn on the Ohana Islands, the new Rangers makes their ways to the Ranger Bases in hope of accomplishing some new work. Inside of each Ranger Base is located a monitor showing the status of Ohana and recording the requests from many different people around the area.

An operator welcomes you as you walk in the room. "Hello there! You look like a new Ranger. Mhm, that outfit looks good on you~ Are you here to take on a few tasks? Here they are then." Pressing a few buttons, the operator bring onto the screen a list of task to be accomplished on Ohana.


February 2015

No task got critical enough for a bad news this month. Carry on. Be careful in the middle of this everlasting snowstorm.

Squirtle Bay HQ Base
:bulletblue: Squirtle Bay's Coast ~ As the hunter was turned in after being saved from the cold, they revealed the existence of a base located on the coast near Squirtle Bay in exchange from protection by the authority and a lessened sentence. It appears to be well hidden so your job will be to find the location and report back your findings to HQ. This task might award a bonus for those who completed the previous SB task. Try not to get caught out there.

Diamond City Base
:bulletorange: Diamond City ~ Now that the Keyhole Rangers were allowed their break, Diamond has now gotten its permission to take a breather from all the snow and enjoy a day off. Enjoy that free day as much as you can.

Keyhole City Base
:bulletblack: Myth Channel ~ Between Myth Island and Lone Island have been reported a Huntail and Gorebyss teaming up to attack whatever gets too close to the passage. As they are working well together, a single ranger would probably have too much trouble capturing both of them and making them stop. Team up with another ranger and show us how you will deal with the two Pokémon yourselves. This will require two pics and a collab but will rewards the both of you with 15 points. Remember that the conditions are stormy and that the blizzard is still blowing.

Unity Island Base
:bulletgreen: Mahalo Sanctuary Base ~ A Bulbasaur has been spotted around the Ranger Base, reportedly very agitated, yet eluding capture. For its own safety, capture it and calm it down before it manages to harm itself or other Pokémon under shelter. It has grown ever more excited and local Pokémon are starting to get nervous as well. It would probably be better to take care of it as soon as possible.

Volcano Town Base
:bulletred: Volcano Town Base ~ Following up on the Charmander being caught, the rangers have requested a check-up on the captured ones to make sure no harm have come to them. Treat any injuries that may be present and relocate the young mons closer to the den where they will be safer.

Ranger Tasks FAQ:

A bonus for the first task(10 points) submitted during the month and another one for the best task at the end of the month (20 points) are awarded each month. Note that tasks carried out from the last month aren't eligible to the first task award. Also, be aware that you might sometimes find yourselves competing against the admins for the bonuses as well and that we'll be looking for quality in the first pic too. We don't want rushed pics just to get the points after all. Good luck to all of you~

With tasks, we will be more lenient of how you decide to deal with them. However, you still have to respect the specifications of the task you wish to take.

:bulletgreen: Tasks does not require Rangers to have completed the initiation mission. As soon as you got your ranger app up, you can do them.

:bulletgreen: Each task you take is open canvas. You can decide to do splashes, comic or other kind of artwork.
There are no minimal requirement for tasks, other than they be complete. You can decide to do one picture or a whole comic. It's all up to you!

:bulletgreen: Tasks are monthly. Once the month is finished, we won't award anymore Ranger points for the previous month tasks. It's still a good idea to complete your task and submit it however, as you could earn half the bonus points on a follow-up task.

:bulletgreen: All completed tasks rewards you with 5 tasks points if not specified otherwise. As you rake those in, you'll get closer to rank up each time.

:bulletgreen: Although divided by regions and bases, the tasks you choose to do aren't limited to your base. However, your pokemon partner may or may not appreciate the locations you decide to go. You may also take as many tasks as you want!

:bulletgreen: All tasks art go toward the Nexus Bar upgrade! Get in there and fill this bar up!

:new: :bulletgreen: Collabs are authorised to take care of the tasks~ You can work with a fellow ranger and if both of your characters appear in it, you'll get the point for both rangers.

As a final word, remember that they are monthly. We will rotate the tasks each months, and older tasks will be removed. Rangers, Move out!

More Journal Entries

Before You Comment~


[the FAQ]


ONLY if your question is not answered there, contact us!

Year Two Applications are now CLOSED, and will remain so until the end of the Contest. NPC Applications are however, open and will be accepted throughout the year (provided they meet QC Rules of course).

Questions that have an answer in the FAQ will be ignored.

Direct your Tumblr Links or XY friendcodes to this journal HERE:
Make sure to include your Trainer Application as well.

If you have a question that is not answered there, then Note the Group, as it is AGAINST Group Rules & Etiquette to hassle Admin on their personal accounts.


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Hey guys, Digimast here. I’m afraid I bear bad news...

To put it simply, I will have to withdraw from the BFOI, as I had a problem which made me unable to draw for more than a month, and now I don't have enough time to make my entry to this round.

I must say I'm very happy to see my development from when I entered the competition, and quite pleased to see how many people loved my story and kept asking me for more. I never expected to get this far in the contest. I'm pretty devastated, I really wanted to show everyone the rest of Keenan's story, and there were so many BIG things coming... but I got Sucker Punch'ed by destiny and have no means to finish my story now. Besides, I didn't want to submit a rushed and poor-quality work. It just wouldn't make justice to the character I've developed so far, that guy deserved more...

That being said, my most sincere thanks to all the people who supported me - your faves and your comments were the fuel which kept me moving, and you're all responsible for giving the world a (now) better artist. I had a great time, I met many awesome people, I drew alongside some of my idols from when I joined dA... I regret nothing XD

Good luck to all the other competitors, and I hope everyone will keep supporting me in all the projects I'm developing for the future! ^^
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Found myself prioritizing other things more during this con summer so deciding to not participate in the next roundd ;U; really wanted to see how far I'd get in this tourney but welp it was super fun while i had the bare minimum time at it 8'DD will just be an npc now and participate in events with zeph if it looks fun /;7;/ Goodluck to everyone still fighting on!!
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