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Countdown to Y2 Round Five Closes ~

Saturday, June 28th @ 4:59pm

As wind and snow blow all over the island, will you be the hero to help everyone? Or will you lose your way in this white landscape? Don't get snowed in!

The Nexus Upgrades Bar!

Current Tally: 568 points
Next Milestone: 1000 points

Congrats to everyone for breaking the next milestone! Especially with that last 50 point blitz! You've unlocked the Nexus Re/Entry (NRE) as a Bonus Round, that will give those not in the contest a chance to enter (or re-enter!) the main contest. It will launch after the Main Contest R5 launches and promises to be an interesting take on what you've seen us dish out so far.

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Round Five and Ranger Mission Two -- WHITEOUT

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 12:40 AM
White as far as the eye could see was the scene greeting Ohanans this morning, as the summer snow continued to fall over the islands in what could easily be described as one of the biggest freak events of the century. In the towns and cities, it wasn't entirely uncommon to see trainers and their mons playing in the powder, snowmen and snowmons dotted the landscape and snowball wars were starting to escalate wildly.

Looking beyond the first glances of merriment, a different problem was beginning to emerge, however, as emergency services were being stretched to capacity with triple their usual callout; the cold temperatures now starting to catch residents severely off guard and unprepared.

The Rangers in particular had been struggling so much to keep up with rescue requests, pokemon disputes, distribution of warm supplies, and the native mons requiring help to survive these new conditions that Caleb had to call the other base leaders into a meeting.

"The short of it is that we're grossly understaffed to handle this level of crisis, and if we are going to be able to dispatch aid to these locations, we need help. More than half of the calls we get are in relation to this weather. We can't handle all of the requests and figure out what is the cause of this abnormal weather all at the same time. We have to ask the BFCC to lend us a hand."

And thus, an eager Franz had his next Round.

"Helping others is a good thing, non?"

R5 Task and Challenge

Story Task & Artistic Challenge

Your challenge in Round Five to assist the Rangers during the snowstorm!

As the story and art are intertwined in this round, we have combined these sections. Please take the time to read through everything carefully, so as not to get confused about what you plan to draw.

You have the choice of one of SIX sets of locations, tasks and colours with which to complete your entry. Each location around Ohana has its own problem that your trainer will need to assist the Rangers with, and its own distinct colour palette that you must use. Yes, this is a throwback to Round One's mono-colour challenge, but this time you're using a preset range. The colours vary from light or muted to strong and bold palettes, and all feature a horrendous colour that you must figure out how to use effectively in your entries.

Round Format

Format in this round is FOUR Splash Sets.

A Splash Set is defined as three individual splash pictures in one deviation, and while a set is not a comic, Splash pictures do allow the use of dialogue.

Your sets also need to reflect the following themes:

Set One: Organisation - You've arrived on base and are preparing to aid the Rangers - Show us your prep.
Set Two: Cooperation - Get out there and do your part to help!
Set Three: Crisis - Something somewhere is going wrong for someone! Is it you?! Or are you saving someone/somemon else?
Set Four: Conclusion - What fate has befallen your Trainer? Have you successfully completed your task? Or have you failed and need rescue?

Please Note: While you do not have to cameo the Base Leaders or existing Ohanan Rangers in your entry, a Ranger of some description is mandatory in each set.

Locations, Tasks and Palettes

From the following, you may choose ONE of six locations/tasks/colour palettes to work with during R5. Once chosen, you need to stick with your choice throughout your entry - We will not accept entries that mix and match the various parts of the round.

:bulletblue: All colours must be used at least once per splash set, black and white are allowed as well. Grey, however, is not allowed and is not acceptable for shading. ONLY those colours may be used.
:bulletblue: Soft shading and blending is allowed between colours.
:bulletblue: We have included the Hex Codes for each colour to prevent swatching issues between screen settings, and traditional artists will need to colour-match as closely as possible (but we'll forgive you if you're a shade or two off, haha).

Your Division Leader in Squirtle Bay is CALEB - The snow has frozen over the Bay and the endemic Tortles on the Bay Island are in dire need of assistance. Caleb and Chevron have arranged to move them to a man-made cave near the HQ Base to keep them warm and well fed, but need help moving the large number of Tortles from the island to the location. Your task here will be to aid the HQ Rangers in escorting the tortles and any other suffering mons to the shelter.

Your Division Leader in Diamond City is CHERI - The people in surrounding cities are finding themselves unable to cope with the sudden cold and many people are without the means to heat their homes. Cheri and Taz have converted the FI Tower Atriums (fyi, that's the bottom three floors/visitor centre of the tower) into makeshift evacuation halls and are housing any and all who need a warm place to stay. Your task here is to either aid the Rangers in evacuating freezing people OR helping to manage the influx of people in the atriums (aka food, seating, blankets, etc).

Your Division Leader on Unity Island is MAYLEA - There are already small shelters in place in the middle of the Gardens thanks to the hard work of Mahalo's Rangers, but they weight of the snow is starting to see a few of these collapse and put the pokemon, notably the endemic Bulbasaur line, in danger. Your task here is to venture into the gardens with the Rangers, restore and/or strengthen any shelters you come across and aid the Pkmn wherever possible.

Your Division Leader on Myth Island is RAZZ - Myth Island's mons have been able to retreat to warmer waters and shelter, but the people aren't so lucky or well equipped. The Rangers have been spearheading evacuation efforts across the island, and have set up Sail City's Convention Hall as shelter for those in need of aid. Your task here is to either aid the Rangers in evacuating freezing people OR helping to manage the influx of people in the Convention Hall (aka food, seating, blankets, etc).

Your Division Leader in Hero City is HADYN - Hero City is devoid of mons, but numerous construction workers have been caught and trapped in the snow and need rescue. Hadyn is leading a unit of Rangers and Trainers to the under-construction Residential District of Hero City to evacuate the workers. Your task here is to aid the Rangers with evac, and see that the workers get safely back to Valkyrie HQ.

Your Division Leader on Mt Mauna is DAVEN - There are reports that the south end of the Big Island are faring the worst, as the snowfall is starting to reach blizzard-like conditions, and many Pokémon are being trapped in the snow, frozen or worse. Union Rep Daven is leading a small unit of Rangers and Trainers to investigate the area and report on the extent of the damage. Your task here is assist the Rangers on the slopes of Mt Mauna, rescuing any mon you find in distress. BEWARE: The terrain is rugged and with the blizzard-like conditions reducing visibility drastically, only the toughest trainers are reccommended to accompany Daven.

Ohana Weather App brought to you by Nexus Telecommunications Ltd.

In a shocking turn for the worse, Ohana's weather has taken to freezing temps and snow is causing massive problems all over the islands. Don't leave your home if you don't have to, and take extreme care if you do have to leave. Make sure your survival kits are ready and prepped for any outcome, and be ready for anything!

Like in previous Rounds, we will only accept Complete R5 Entries - That means all of your parts at once, not one at a time as you complete them. We also appreciate it when all of your parts link to one another, because it makes judging a lot easier for us.
And as always, make sure all relevant Trainer Apps (including your own) are linked in the comments section of your entries.

R5 Will Close on Saturday June 28 at 11:59pm GMT.

Please refer to the FAQ at the bottom of this journal if you have any questions.

And that's all for the Trainers -- Rangers, your Mission description is below!

Ranger Mission 02 -- Operation Whiteout

As Squirtle Bay's Leader left to meet with the three CEOs, a summons was issued to every Ranger around the Ohana Islands. As they assembled at the Ranger HQ, a tired looking group of Ranger leaders, led by the Union Rep. Daven, took the floor.

"Everyone, as you already know, we are struggling to answer the enormous amount of requests sent to us. However, a few urgent jobs have emerged among the list. These will call for your utmost skill and care which you have been honing these last few months. It's time for you all to prove yourselves as true Rangers. By my rights as the Union Representative, we are now commencing Operation Whiteout!"

Story Task & Restrictions

As each of the islands are in a crisis, this Mission will see you assigned to aid your Base in their part of Operation Whiteout. You DON'T have the choice of your location as it is decided by your HOME BASE. As with the Trainers, you share the challenge of a limited palette, decided by your Base Location (See above in the Trainer Section for Bases, Tasks and Colour Palettes).
Remember that Rangers and Trainers each have different methods to deal with the problems (Styler vs Pokémon).

Ranger Ranks limitations

This is where it gets interesting. Now, as this is a mission, higher ranked Rangers get bonuses during participation.

Rank 3 and above: Allowed to undertake the mission alone and are able to choose whether to undertake in the Mt Mauna expedition instead of working at their Home Base.(Which is worth more than the other locations of course).
Rank 1-2: Need to be shown working with AT LEAST two other Rangers and/or Trainers. They are NOT allowed to participate in the Mt Mauna expedition.

Rangers who haven't completed the Training mission CANNOT participate in this mission. You will have to complete it before starting this mission, otherwise it will automatically be declined. To find out if you are eligible, you can take a look at the Ranger Directory and see if you have the Training [complete] mention.

It is mandatory to show your Squad Leader at least once in the set. Also, each Ranger has been presented with winter gears similar to those worn by the leaders. You may keep them after the mission if you wish.

Mission Format

These missions require you to do a Splash Set of four individual splash pictures in one deviation.

Your Splashes also need to reflect the following themes:
Splash One: Organisation - You've arrived on the location of your mission and are getting ready to do your job – Trainers are starting to arrive to help.
Splash Two: Mission - Get out there and do your part to help!
Splash Three: Crisis - Something somewhere is going wrong for someone! Is it you?! Or are you saving someone/somemon else?
Splash Four: Conclusion - What fate has befallen your Ranger? Is it a Mission Clear? Or have you failed and need rescue yourself?

Please keep in mind that one set is a minimum. You are allowed to do more if you need more to recount your tale.

Like in the Trainer Rounds, we will only accept Complete RM2 submissions - That means all of your parts at once, not one at a time as you complete them. We also appreciate it when all of your parts link to one another, if you have more than one set, because it keeps things tidy.
And as always, make sure all relevant Ranger/Trainer Apps (including your own) are linked in the comments section of your submissions.

RM2 Will Close on Saturday June 28 at 11:59pm GMT.

Please refer to the FAQ at the bottom of this journal if you have any questions.

Trainer & Ranger F. A. Q.

:bulletorange: Trainer Questions
:bulletblue: Ranger Questions
:bulletgreen: Questions relating to Both

:bulletgreen: Q: If I have characters involved in both Trainer/Ranger activities, can I feature them?
:bulletgreen: A: Yes, you can work with your own characters - Bear in mind, that'll mean you have to use the same palette twice over for both Round and Mission.

:bulletblue: Q: Is my Task the same as that of the Trainers?
:bulletblue: A: Yes, Trainers and Rangers share the same Task at each given base, the only difference is how you go about completing your work.

:bulletblue: Q: What if my Ranger hits Rank 3 during the round?
:bulletblue: A: If you hit Rank 3 during the round, you can choose to join the Mt Mauna expedition.

More to come as required.

More Journal Entries

Before You Comment~


[the FAQ]


ONLY if your question is not answered there, contact us!

Year Two Applications are now CLOSED, and will remain so until the end of the Contest. NPC Applications are however, open and will be accepted throughout the year (provided they meet QC Rules of course).

Questions that have an answer in the FAQ will be ignored.

Direct your Tumblr Links or XY friendcodes to this journal HERE:
Make sure to include your Trainer Application as well.

If you have a question that is not answered there, then Note the Group, as it is AGAINST Group Rules & Etiquette to hassle Admin on their personal accounts.


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IncanSun Apr 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Curious, when does the Nexus re-entry bonus round begin for those who wanna re-enter the competition?
(1 Reply)
Umm I was wondering if I could have some help making my NPC Oc please? XD
(1 Reply)
Man...I don't think I'm gonna make it. :(
Good luck to everyone, though!
Auffallend Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG barely finished.... Can I do that thing called SLEEP now plz?
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Amorphous-blob Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
To everyone on the final stretch of their submissions, feeling the heat of the deadline burning the hair on the back of their necks, cramming just one more minute of drawing into their busy schedules:

You can do it!!
Good Luck, everyone in Round 5! All of you doing an awesome job with comics and splashes...I'm just enjoying every minute of it! I'll try my best help out anyway I can! But for now cheering all you from sidelines! All can say is keep going and do your best... make it happen! >3<
Auffallend Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh man I hope I finish my round.... with all that's happened so far this year idk if ill make it without an extension  :(
(1 Reply)
pekou Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist
MAN I still really regret not finishing my round 1 entry last year haha. Can't wait for next year's tournament! (if you guys are planning one, that is! :heart: )
(1 Reply)
I was wondering if somebody could email me the entry form for Battle Frontier Ohana Islands please?
(1 Reply)
aoefreak9 Jan 8, 2014  Student Writer
Hello there! I have two spectators under the member Pichu-Pii. Would it be alright if you guys accepted a story of mine involving one of the spectators, taking place in the BFOI time of course. >u<

It's a rather short story, but please get back to me as soon as possible if it's alright. ^^ Of course, not under the main competition, but somewhere else, like favorites or something.
(1 Reply)
Are edited trainer apps supposed to be submitted as new deviations? Not just edited previous submissions? That way y'all can approve it and clear it before it gets in just like the original apps? 
(1 Reply)

I was wondering if it would be at all possible to edit trainer apps before the next round, or if that is no longer possible?

(1 Reply)
MAPle-Treason Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey if anyone wanted to know the participation stat's for R3 here you go;

Valkyries - 17 entries, Initiates - 28 entries, for a total of 45 people submitting something for Round 3. 

Interesting to note though is that only 28 out of the 42 Initiates that passed R2 entered something for R3 marking a ~ 66.7% participation rate for the Initiates.

While 17 out of the 24 Valkyries that passed R2 entered something for R3 marking a ~ 70.8% participation rate for the Valkyries.  

I did the counting twice so I don't think I'm missing any one, but there might be a chance.

But good luck to all those in Round 3~ 
(4 Replies)
(1 Reply)
Amorphous-blob Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it just me or is there more time left on the timer than I thought? The timer stops on Dec. 9, which is a week from now, but R3 ends on Dec. 2nd? 

(Please let there be an extension please let there be an extension ;A;) 
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