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The Heroes of Ohana

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 4, 2017, 3:56 AM

As the light faded from the intense final blow, an assault that had carried all the hopes, fears, courage and struggles of all present, silence followed as the Ultra Beast of the Ancient Engine hung in the air seemingly frozen in time. No one dared to breathe, fearing a reprise of the battle, until at last, the beast began to move, gravity winning and pulling its stone armour down piece by piece.

Seemingly aware of its fate, it began one last cry, in a different tone from the shrieks that had preceded its use of Thunder, and the energy form of Reaxion started to suddenly glow, twist and warp, unable to keep its shape. Roaring, it suddenly shot upwards, unceremoniously dumping those it had swallowed among its rocky carcass on the ground, and exploded in the air high above Pearl City.

The shock wave was seen across all of Ohana, although strangely, not felt, as if the energy hadn't been dispersed on a frequency that could be felt by living beings. Which was just as well - Ohana didn't need even more rebuilding on the agenda than it already had.

The sun finally shining through the clouds that Reaxion's explosion had cleared, the Trainers, Rangers and Pokémon knew they'd won - They'd survived to tell the tale.

Now all that remained was the recovery effort.

At last, we have reached the end of another challenge within the Ohana Islands, one that was bigger and more intense than anything we've done before, and one I hope kept everyone on their edge of their seats with the ever-increasing 'evil' act perpetrated at the hands of the tainted Galatine.

Before we get onto the placement announcement, I'd like to announce two things: Prizes, and the End of Ohana.


:trophy: The Champion will receive the following:
- $40AUD of your choice of art supplies from Ironlak -OR- Pokémon product from the Pokémon Center Store.
- A Copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun OR Ultra Moon upon release
- 3 Months DeviantArt Subscription
- Full Trainer and Team illustration

• 2nd Place:
- $30AUD of your choice of art supplies from Ironlak -OR- Pokémon product from the Pokémon Center Store.
- 3 Months DeviantArt Subscription
- Full Trainer and Team illustration

• 3rd and 4th:
- $15AUD of your choice of art supplies from Ironlak -OR- Pokémon product from the Pokémon Center Store.
- Full Trainer and Team illustration
- 1 Months DeviantArt Subscription

• All who completed R7:
- Trainer + up to 2 Pkmn Illustration

Please respect that all prizes are offered out of pocket from the Admin of BFOI, so our budgets have to be adhered to and we cannot exceed what is offered for the monetary prizes. The illustrations will be collaborated between various admin to get them completed within a timely manner. Please note the group with address details for those who have won physical prizes, as well as your prize preferences, and those who will receive trainer illustrations, please note the group to let us know which Pkmn or two you would like included in the picture with your trainer.

For those who still wish to finish R7 to complete their own story, please take note that we will continue to do the Trainer illustrations for all those who complete R7 up until January 1st 2018, after which point, we will no longer offer the illustration prize.
Also please note, that if we don't receive any notice about which Pokémon you'd like included by the cutoff date, you will not receive the prize at all, as we will not go chasing up people for prizes.

The End of Ohana

In the last update, we announced that BFOI would be moving into an indefinite hiatus, but upon further discussion within the admin team, we have decided to begin a shut-down phase of the group instead of going into a hiatus.
This decision comes from not only the head, tazsaints, needing the stress leave, but due to everyone involved with the operation of the group being exhausted as well. Between IRL issues and general lack of time to commit to the group, we are opting not to pressure ourselves any further with yet another year or more of operational stress, and display what was the base concept for the Y4 challenge as a short comic event instead.

The shut-down phase of the group will consist of one final story, aptly named the 'Final Chapter', as well as posting all the prize illustrations for Y3.
The BFOI will continue to accept submissions for those wishing to finish their Y3 story, as well as any epilogue stories (eg: what happened after Y3), and also fanart of the group and its members, but will cease to post any more events after the Final Chapter has been released. The group will not have its Super Group status renewed come October, however, we will not shut down/close the group, allowing all the art that has been submitted throughout the years to remain up as an archive of sorts.

For those interested in the story points, the final chapter will result in Ohana being an optional memory - That is to say, that whether your characters remember the islands and consider their involvement as canon is entirely up to you. How this outcome is reached however, you'll have to wait and see.

This group has been a very long and very wild ride, full of ups, downs, great people, and sometimes not-so-great people, but it has been an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. It has been a privilege to see so many artists spend days, weeks, months, and even years, of their time and effort here, and incredibly rewarding to see some of the longest-running members grow as artists and as people over the course of their run with us.  

I couldn't be prouder of what we've all managed to achieve together, and I thank you for staying with us all the way to the end.

As a quick note before the next section, if you are looking for another challenge or two to carry you onwards, I'd like to personally recommend :iconjubilee-oct: started up by BFOI's own trusslark and :iconcamp-carmine: being led by our JimmyJamJemz as two great options going ahead. Both are in their early stages and accepting applications at the time of posting.

The Heroes of Ohana

Finally, without further ado, it's time to announce the placements of the Top 4 based on their final efforts. These four people have struggled through not just story challenges, but a multitude of life challenges as well, and yet still managed to persevere and create fantastic closing stories for their Y3 efforts.

But alas, there can only be one winner, and so, here are the Heroes of Ohana along with their Champion.

Laken takes out fourth place, as life and art unfortunately didn't align to allow LucarioGirl4Ever to give the best she could offer. We were treated to a very strong start in Round Six, but that unfortunately fell short in Round Seven, leaving us wanting more from the unfinished entry we were given.

If there's one thing LucarioGirl4Ever has shown us all this year, however, it's that she has an incredible empathy, allowing her to understand and display the personalities and emotions of everyone she interacts with in her stories. That relatability pulled us in and made us feel like we knew Laken personally.

If the planets had aligned and given her the time she needed, LucarioGirl4Ever would have been a tough contender for the title, and made our jobs considerably harder, but sadly, this wasn't the case. We do know that LucarioGirl4Ever is not one to be held down by something like this, and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours - All power to you, LucarioGirl4Ever!

In third place, Victoria's journey has been an interesting one to follow, as one of the few Trainers in the group without a mysterious backstory waiting to be revealed, and presented to us someone only interested in the journey and not the final destination.

Flowing like water, iluxsio tended to take the events in her stride and react as naturally as one could when thrown in the deep end. At the end of the day though, this was a double-edged sword that stabbed her in the foot, as when she reached the final destination, she came across as unsure of how to handle it, which made for a rollercoaster Round Six and Seven that was underwhelming in places, resulting in a rather loose wrap up overall.

Despite this, iluxsio showed an incredible amount of effort and a lot of artistic growth during the entire Y3 challenge, and we hope the experience has been worthwhile. All the best in the future, and may you continue to reach new heights!

In second place, Jamie's story of a lost soul with greatness thrust upon her has been one that tugged at your heartstrings. To see the character grow and face the harsh realities presented them with what little courage they had left to spare has been something we've been hanging on the edge of our seats with, waiting to see how Jamie's tale would end.

In the final rounds, life did its best to stop her, but trusslark put her best foot forward to deliver a round that was still of great quality and in line with her other works. There were some weaknesses in the pacing and layout that we hadn't seen previously, but the overall story-telling and art quality more than made up for it.

What played the most in trusslark's favour is her dynamic art married perfectly with her style of storytelling. There's always something happening and you don't want to look away. She's also mastered the point of 'show, don't tell' as we could easily follow through most of it, even without the dialogue. She has been one of the strongest contenders we've ever seen in BFOI and we'd encourage her more, but she's already beaten us to the punch, having set up her own OCT group to push her limits even further. Still, best of luck out there, trusslark!

And lastly, we present the real MVP of Y3:

That's right, if not for this little Wooper, Ohana might not have survived Galatine's onslaught!

Ahaha, all jokes aside, we're pleased to announce Y3's Champion as arkeis-andor!

arkeis-andor is definitely a veteran of the OCT circuits, and while he has been a long-time contestant with the BFOI, placing higher in each previous challenge, he's never quite had the oomph to secure himself a finalist's position in Ohana until now, and what a turnaround it has been!

arkeis-andor's entire Y3 has been nothing short of incredible, and I do not say that lightly. Victor's story has been the breath of fresh air we needed to see from the previous years, as the growth and character development wasn't just a genuine surprise, but also something that kept everyone on the edge of their seats as the story unfolded, with Victor having reasonable doubts, overcoming his own fears and finding true courage with the help of his team. In the end, Victor's story showed the heart of what Ohana is supposed to be: Family and teamwork.

There's no questioning the strength of arkeis-andor's art, but to see that even someone at the top of their game can work and improve upon their weaknesses is inspiring, and something we hope he continues to work on to truly become an unstoppable force in all future contests he enters.

Congratulations to our Heroes and new Champion, and a big THANK YOU to everyone who has put in the effort to make Ohana the incredible place it has been over the last six years.

But all good stories must come to an end, however, and we are no exception to this. We hope you look forward to the Final Chapter, if for nothing more than a sense of closure, and that you all continue to work hard and art harder wherever your paths take you ~

Aloha ʻOe, until we meet again.

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Ohana Y3 Calendar - Jun/Jul xx18

Click the calendars for a larger size should it be needed~



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